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The Homes

Dr. Grahams Homes is a private residential school dedicated to assisting underprivileged children. Situated in Kalimpong, northern India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, the school has a population of 1500 children, half of whom are supported by sponsors in seven different countries including Canada. Here, on a 500 acre property, children from infancy to late adolescence are given a first class academic education in a strong community environment which nurtures their physical, social and personal development.

The school was founded in 1900 by The Rev. Dr. John Anderson Graham, a Church of Scotland missionary with a passionate vision of what could be accomplished for children in need. While the Homes originally addressed the desperate plight of abandoned Anglo-Indians, it now serves a wider constituency and for over a century has assisted thousands of children of varying ethnic and religious backgrounds to achieve their potential.

The Canadian Council of Dr. Grahams Homes, founded in 1949 as a registered charity, is a member of an international organization which includes partners in nine other countries. The Canadian Council currently supports 140 children through its network of 170 group and individual sponsors, across Canada. With its small size and personal character, the Council operates with overhead costs lower than most charitable organizations, guaranteeing that each yearly individual sponsorship of $440 provides crucial support for a member of the Dr. Graham's Homes School community. Children

Daddy Graham

(Test)For many of the supported children, the school community is the only home they have ever known, their peers, teachers and houseparents, their only family. They represent a growing number of children in developing nations who do not have access to nutrition and health care, much less education and opportunity. To support a child at Dr. Graham's Homes is to give the gift of a new life full of fresh possibilities and hope for the future. Join our team - the Canadian Council Team of Sponsors - and make a personal difference in the life of a child. The Canadian Council of Dr. Grahams Homes is a Registered Charity.

Please contact our secretary, Mrs. Jacqui Hibbert, for further information: drgraham@golden.net